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We work together with leading Swiss, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg banks and can help you to open a managed account in the following geographic locations. Please contact us for further information.


Miami; Nassau; Cayman Islands


Stockholm; Copenhagen; London; Jersey Islands;
Guernesey; Luxembourg; Paris; Liechtenstein; Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich, Sion, Lugano); Monaco; Madrid; Gibraltar


Hong Kong; Bombay; Singapore

MyManagedAccount - how does it work?

MyManagedAccount is a bank account on which you can deposit and manage all types of assets available in all international markets (in any currency you want). You can purchase sell and manage any stocks, bonds, currencies and fund investments.

On MyManagedAccount - you can give purchase/sales orders yourself. You may also be assisted by team of professionals from the selected bank by giving them a management mandate. You may also mandate your own freely seleted asset manager (from outside of the bank).

MyManagedAccount is available for investors from all around the world. Minimum investment from 100,000 EUR.

For each account holder we can also offer lombard loans at an attractive rate of EURIBOR + 1% (*)

(*) the rate is depending on conditions and developments in international money market.

Frequently Asked Questions About Managed Accounts

Lombard Loans

lombard loans

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