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Liechtenstein Banking

The Liechtenstein banking sector is regulated under the Law of Banks and Finance Companies of 1992, as amended. The banking center is the actual nucleus of the Liechtenstein financial services sector. This is shown by the comparison of the shares of the Liechtenstein gross domestic product (GDP) and the number of employees. An assessment of these comparative values must naturally take into consideration the mutual dependencies within the financial services sector. Banks in Liechtenstein generate about 20% of GDP with 7% of employees. In comparison, banks in Switzerland generated about 11% of GDP with 3% of employees, and banks in Germany generated about 3% of GDP with 2% of employees. As of the end of 2003, 16 banks were licensed in Liechtenstein, several of them Swiss- or Austrian-based. They had a balance sheet total of 38 billion (thousand million) Swiss francs, which corresponds to 1.5% of the balance sheet total of Swiss banks. Overall, 1,629 persons were employed in the banking sector as of that date.

Client assets under management amounted to 116 billion (thousand million) Swiss francs.

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